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Consello Appoints Oscar Salazar President of Consello Tech

Consello, the financial services advisory and strategic investing platform, is pleased to announce the launch of Consello Tech, a centralized organizational technology entity servicing all of the company’s businesses and clients.

The bespoke function will include a dedicated tech stack designed by a newly appointed team of technologists, data scientists and engineers, that will sit at the center of Consello’s various businesses and client service offerings. The centralized system will enable Consello to have a data-driven enterprise function as a key component of both its investing and advisory offerings internationally.

Consello Tech will have the guidance of Dr. Oscar Salazar, recognized as one of the world’s leading technology experts, having founded and helped build multiple successful technology companies; these include Uber Technologies, where he was a co-founder and the founding CTO.

Over his career, Dr. Salazar has provided his expertise in the design and architecture of innovative products and systems for companies in the U.S., Latin America and Europe (e.g., Pager, Rubicon Global,, Socure, etc.).

A Partner at Consello since its inception, Dr. Salazar will also provide his vision and support to the company as it expands its businesses and operations in Europe.

“At Consello, we believe that the future of the financial advisory industry will be profoundly influenced by the ability to use machine learning and generative AI to capture and synthesize large amounts of data and, from that, produce predictive analytics that will help to inform investing decisions and augment financial advisory services,” said Declan Kelly, Chairman and CEO of The Consello Group.

He continued, “We are extremely fortunate to have someone with Oscar’s experience and knowledge to guide this effort. As one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and technologists, I can’t think of anyone better equipped to lead what we believe will be a game-changing technology which will not only advance Consello’s reach but also those of our investments and our financial advisory clients internationally. Oscar has been a close friend for over a decade and has one of the sharpest minds in the world when it comes to innovation and technology. I look forward to collaborating alongside him to grow and expand our businesses.”

“Predictive analytics and strategic use of data science and machine learning is required to change the face of financial and advisory services, and we intend to not only have Consello at the center of that revolution, but contribute by creating innovative products and services,” said Dr. Salazar.

“Consello Tech is developing and implementing core systems and platforms at the center of the company that will not only inform and improve the efficiency of all these divisions, but will create momentum to scale and advance this industry. We believe it will also provide significant commercial advantage to clients and investments. I couldn’t be more excited about the potential that exists inside Consello as we continue to grow and expand the company’s operations. I have been fortunate to help develop technologies that have transformed and changed different industries over the last two decades and I’m confident Consello Tech will do the same,” Dr. Salazar concluded.

Published on
February 15, 2023

About Consello

The Consello Group is a financial services advisory and strategic investing platform. At Consello we invest capital to grow companies, and we execute for our banking clients across industries. We also offer business development services to help companies grow and a digital assets advisory business to help companies participate in the global digital financial services ecosystem. Consello offers these four distinct but integrated lines of businesses all on one platform: Investing, Digital Assets Advisory, Growth and Business Development, and Investment Banking and M&A Advisory.