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Spark, a Consello Experience, is about catalyzing the collective power of the best leaders in the world to drive business impact.

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Why Spark?

Inspiring great
Minds for

lasting Change

Spark is about the exponential power of bringing together the best leaders in the world to spark ideas, forge meaningful relationships and inspire the actions that will ignite change.

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    Through our

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Featured Event

Lessons in Leadership


“Lessons in Leadership,” a private gathering hosted by Consello Partner and seven-time Super Bowl Champion, Tom Brady, featured a discussion on a range of topics including leadership and lessons learned during Tom’s illustrious career. The evening also featured contributions from Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Lines, Hans Vestberg, Chairman and CEO of Verizon and Consello Partner, Mindy Grossman, former CEO of HSNi and WW, International.

You’ve got to make your own opportunities. I’ve always tried to make things happen. I didn’t wait for things to come to me. If I wanted something, I was going to pursue it.
- Tom Brady, Partner, Consello


Spark Insights

It’s a precarious position for companies: the consumer is warier and more astute but also expects a bespoke experience – an experience constructed by information gathering that data and analytics tech tools make possible.

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Risk-taking and boldness are the essence of transformation. In an environment like we’re in today, if you’re not evolving, innovating and adjusting to consumer behavior, you’ll be left behind.

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The surge in inflation, which rose in the wake of the pandemic, had identifiable, cyclical and transitory components. It was easy to view these as factors that would right themselves with a simple recession. But what if the story of inflation isn’t that simple?

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Management and leadership are neither mutually exclusive nor mutually assured. Though good managers have always been in greater supply than good leaders, it is rare to find both roles well-executed in a single person.

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Mental toughness is about challenging yourself to push out of that zone of complacency so that you can face the obstacles that will help you to evolve.

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