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Our Firm

The Consello Group is a financial services advisory and strategic investing platform. At Consello we invest capital to grow companies, and we execute for our banking clients across industries. We also offer business development services to help companies grow and a digital assets advisory business to help companies participate in the global digital financial services ecosystem.


Consello is differentiated by our people, our relationships and our experience, all of which are core to how we operate. Consello is a Trusted Advisor from beginning to end.

Our Philosophy

The business world and financial markets are going through rapid and profound change that will continue at an unprecedented pace, resulting in frequent volatility and market dislocations reshaping entire industries. In this new reality, those who have truly differentiated offerings will be in a position to distinguish themselves from the rest of the market and thrive.


Consello is built on the belief that our operating experience, deep relationships and actionable advice provide us distinct advantages as investors and advisors that are not easily accessible or replicable.

Our Approach

We only invest and advise in areas where we believe we can add real value leveraging our differentiated assets. Consello brings a deep bench of talent to companies through our Partners, Senior Advisors, Advisory Board Members and Team. Our level of experience and relationships are differentiators in the marketplace.

The Consello Difference

As seasoned investors and operators, we bring a truly unique breadth of experience to the management teams of the companies with whom we partner, invest and advise.


  • We invest more than capital.

    We invest our time, make strategic introductions, and bring decades of experience to the table.

  • We provide more than advice.

    We deliver advice that is actionable and impactful, and we follow through with disciplined and focused execution.

  • This is the Consello difference.

    We offer the complete platform for growth in our deployment and capabilities.

Aerial shot of a city skyline lit up at dawn
Aerial shot of a city skyline lit up at dawn

Our Leadership Team’s Experience Spans Private, Public and Global Markets

Our team has helped build and run some of the world’s leading companies in their industries, has decades of operating and investment experience, and has helped create billions of dollars in shareholder value.

Led some of the most important companies worldwide

Started several unicorn companies

Transformed industries across different sectors

Completed hundreds of acquisitions

Created technologies that have driven global cultural shifts

Set new records and created lasting legacies